The 18th season of The Amazing Race gathered teams that previously competed in the race around the world. It was aptly titled as “Unfinished Business” as all teams tried hard to win before but failed. It was their time this season to finish what they have started. And because all of them were popular (either because they were well-liked or hated), watching them race again was a sight to behold.

The final four teams were Zev and Justin (friends), Gary and Mallory (father and daughter), Flight Time and Big Easy (Globetrotters) and Kisha and Jen (sisters).

I was really hoping for Zev and Justin to win not just because they were likeable, but also because Zev was diagnosed to have Asperger’s Syndrome. It was refreshing for a team like they have to compete with people who were stronger in terms of physical ability and the like. However, they just settled for 4th place even though they had a good chance of being in the Top 3.

After Zev and Justin, I was hoping for the father-daughter tandem of Gary and Mallory to win the race. I guess having an old person/ young person tandem really has its disadvantages, especially in terms of physicality. But it wasn’t that factor that made their team lose the race. It was the taxi driver who should have known where they should be going yet didn’t. Even though they tried hard to reach the other two teams, they still were left behind and made it only to third place.

The Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy, were my former favorite team during their season. However, their likeability has dwindled this season because of some slips in their attitude, especially in dealing with other people. When their team and the team of Kisha and Jen were closing in to win the race, I was favoring them over the other. However, the race was not theirs to win. It was a race for…

Kisha and Jen to win. Both sisters displayed good disposition in handling challenges and seldom bicker when they come to face tough times during the race. I could say they both deserve to win, even though they’re really not a favorite of mine since the start of the season.